A Weekend of Celebrating Love!

by | Sep 27, 2009 | family, love

We have had such a very fun weekend! It as been a weekend of celebrating love! My cousin, Sheri and her fiance, Ryan were married yesterday. Yesterday was also my parents’-in-law 50th wedding anniversary, and we celebrated them with our family this morning at brunch.

Sheri and Ryan’s wedding yesterday was beautiful! God gave them a gorgeous day! It was so fun for me to reconnect with many family members whom I haven’t seen in a very long time…for some it had been years!

Brunch this morning with Don and Peg was very special. It was so nice to have everyone but one niece there…she was in a wedding in Missouri yesterday. Don and Peg are an inspiration to all of us. Bill’s sister, Teresa made a quilt for them with quilt squares that each of us signed over the summer. It was beautiful! It was a wonderful morning! 🙂

I feel like we’ve celebrated love all weekend…as Sheri and Ryan begin their life together, and as Don and Peg celebrate 50 years together. Love…what an amazing gift God gave us…to love and to be loved!

Congratulations again, Sheri and Ryan, and Don and Peg! Your family loves you! 🙂

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