A New Day

by | Mar 24, 2010 | health, me

Today is a new day…and I’m excited!  I am feeling more and more like myself, and I’m thankful!

I stopped at a store yesterday to return something my daughter wasn’t going to wear.  It’s one of my all-time favorite stores…Maurices.  I like their clothes…they are comfortable, and I feel I’m still in the age group that can get away with wearing some of their younger-looking styles…not all, but some. 🙂  I stop in every now and then to see what the sales are and to see the new things.  Well, yesterday they had some new things for spring…and I LOVE shopping for spring clothes!

I found a few pair of capris or crops (whatever you want to call them), and I was trying to run through my closet in my mind.  I really don’t have many capris on hand, and I would probably wear them often to the Mission this spring/summer, plus in just running around.  So, I justified in my mind trying them on. 
That wasn’t so fun.  I realize that I’m not overweight, but I have put on a few extra pounds and added a few extra inches, especially in certain places, over the winter.  I am frustrated that I have allowed that to happen…and I became determined in that dressing room to STOP THE MADNESS!!!
I want to feel good in ALL my clothes, not just the ones that are a little on the loose side.  I want to be healthy in all ways, and to honor God with my body and what I put in it!  So, with that determination in mind, today is day 1 of “stopping the madness” and making some positive healthy changes!
I logged on to shape.com (the magazine I subscribe to) last night, and signed up for a virtual coach to help me stay accountable to myself.  That was pretty cool (and it was free)!  I realize I need to do something every day for exercise, which I haven’t been doing very well at lately.  My virtual coach will help me with that too.  And since I’m feeling stronger today, I’m going to hop on the treadmill for 30 minutes this morning before getting ready to head out for the day.  We’ll see how that goes…I certainly don’t want to overdo anything with my heart stuff going on, but I also don’t want to just sit around and be a bump on a log either! 
I’m focusing on six weeks…six weeks from today is May 5.  I want to feel and look different by May 5.  I’m not going to get all wrapped up in making this my total focus, like I have done in the past, but I intend to stay balanced and focus on just being healthy.  I look forward to making the changes I need to, and if I have a craving for a cream cheese frosted pumpkin bar, well, I will be ok with having one…just as long as I don’t have three! 🙂 

It feels good to feel good again, and I look forward to seeing my health improve over the next six weeks!  I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

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