A Glorious Easter

by | Mar 31, 2013 | God

flowers 14 (2) editedIt has been one of the most beautiful Resurrection Sundays I can remember.

For those of us who consider ourselves Christians (Christ ones), it’s a day for celebration! It’s the day we celebrate how God reconciled us sinners to Himself through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ! I was honored to give the Easter message at Mission of Hope this morning. Below is part of the message…

“The same power that lifted Jesus from the grave is available to us here while we are on this earth. And we all need this power. Through Jesus, and Jesus alone, we can access this power. On our own, we are weak, we get weary, and we fall. On our own, we can’t make it. But with Jesus and His life-giving power, we have all we need to be victorious. With Jesus, we can be victorious over the temptations that plague us. We don’t have to give into them any longer. With Jesus, we can have victory over a lingering sin. We no longer have to do what we’ve always done. With Jesus, we can conquer the addiction that we’ve struggled with for years. We no longer have to be a slave to it. With Jesus, we don’t have to feel alone and unloved any longer. With Jesus, He has our backs and He will never leave us and will never forsake us. You can boldly stand with Jesus, because He’s always with you–no matter what you may be going through.

No matter what the situation is, Jesus is the answer.

To my friend’s 20 year old daughter who just found out Thursday she has a rare form of pancreatic cancer that has spread to her liver. Jesus is her answer.

To another friend who is battling brain cancer. Jesus is her answer.

To a friend we see here at the Mission who we know is using and addicted to K2, a form of synthetic drug. Jesus is his answer.

To the teenager who is experimenting with alcohol or drugs. Jesus is his/her answer.

To the offenders who have turned their lives around while in jail and are being released back to their former neighborhoods where they first offended, Jesus is their answer.

To the single parent who is struggling to stay sane while raising children and working to pay bills, Jesus is his/her answer.

To the business executive who is striving for fame, fortune and prestige, Jesus is his/her answer.

To the lonely wife whose husband doesn’t pay much attention to her, Jesus is her answer.

To the couple who is experiencing infidelity through one of them, Jesus is their answer.

To the newlyweds, the teenagers, the young and the aged. To every one of us…Jesus is our answer!”

Yes, friends, Jesus is our answer. And we are reminded of this truth on Easter. We can walk in our eternal security while still on this earth…all because of Jesus…until He calls us home to the place in heaven He’s preparing for us. We have much to celebrate!

It was a blessing for me to spend Easter with my Mission friends, with Tina and her girls, and with my family. We also met my brother Pat and his family for a late lunch this afternoon.

We have much to be thankful for. Happy Resurrection Sunday, friends!

He is Risen! Hallelujah!

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