75 Pounds Lighter

by | Apr 30, 2012 | Bill, family, health

I am so, so proud of Bill.

This past week he hit a benchmark in his fitness goal. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post or two, Bill began a weight loss/healthy lifestyle program on January 8 of this year. He has been so focused on eating healthy foods and working out almost daily. That’s it. No low carb program, no pills, no fad diet. Just healthy eating and exercise. Simple, yet so difficult for most of us to do.

As of this week, he is 75 pounds lighter than he was on January 8!

I find his accomplishments extraordinary and encouraging. His attitude, his energy and his positiveness has affected all of us here at home. I couldn’t be more proud of him than I am right now.

Bill, I love you and I thank you. Thank you for making your health a priority. Thank you for making your family a priority. Thank you for how you faithfully lead our family. And thank you for being such a positive role model for Ali, Zach and me. You are looking great! GREAT JOB!!

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