58 and 19 Years Ago

by | Jul 29, 2010 | family, thankfulness

Today is a special day…for two reasons…58 years ago today my mom and dad were married, and 19 years ago today, Bill proposed to me.
If I remember correctly, mom and dad were married early in the morning, and the church where they exchanged their vows is still in existence, and I drive by it often.  I have Mom’s wedding dress stored away in our downstairs.  She was a beautiful bride, and Dad was a handsome groom.  I wish they were here today so I could ask them some questions and find out more details about their wedding day.
I know Mom and Dad didn’t have the “perfect marriage,” but they loved each other, and stood for their marriage at times when I’m sure it would have been easier to just give up.  They raised us four children in a peaceful home.  We learned much about living life by watching them.  Their legacy has passed on through us, to our children…their grandchildren, and will be passed on to their great-grandchildren.  I miss them greatly!  I wonder if they are celebrating in heaven today?? 🙂
And 19 years ago, Bill proposed to me “unofficially.”  He asked me to marry him, just 2-1/2 months after our first date!  The ring and romantic “official” proposal came one month later, on August 28.  It warms my heart that we committed to marry each other on Mom and Dad’s anniversary, and each year, I spend some time cherishing this day because of those reasons. 
My brothers, their families and our family all get together around Mom and Dad’s anniversary each year, and since one of my brothers is on vacation this week, we’ll be getting together in a couple weeks to celebrate the family Mom and Dad began 58 years ago.  🙂
I’m thankful today…for Mom and Dad and for Bill and our marriage.  I’m considering myself a blessed woman today!
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