51 Years Ago

by | Feb 8, 2014 | This Lefe Family

February 7, 1963 was one of the most important days in our family history. It’s the day God placed my oldest brother, Marty in our family. (I wrote a more detailed post in 2009 – Thank You God For Marty.)

I believe Dad and Mom always had Marty in their heart. The day they held him for the first time, I imagine they experienced love like they never had before. After thirteen years of dreams and hopes on hold, their dream of having a child came true. They conceived and were given three more children in the next eight years.

This day is special for Marty. I imagine it’s different for him now though, since years have passed us by with our parents no longer with us. That alone is hard enough some days. But even with them gone, I pray it’s a day that blesses Marty, knowing he was a part of God’s specific plan for Dad and Mom, for his three siblings, and for many, many others in his life. God had a special place for Marty. I’m so glad that place was in our family.

I consider it a gift to have Marty as my brother, as I do to have my two others brothers, Steve and Pat. I pray for them and their families each day. But on this day, I thank God especially for Marty, and for blessings He has given me in being Marty’s sister.
I stopped to see Marty at work today, and hand delivered him a card. (You know, they don’t have many options for adoption cards.) We caught up on life, and I enjoyed the short amount of time I was able to spend with him there in the lobby. He’s a good dad and a good husband. His eyes lit up as he talked about his three girls. I hugged him and told him how glad I am that he’s my brother. And I shared with him the thought of how different our family would be without him in it. My life would be different, and I can’t imagine my life without him in it.
One of God’s greatest gifts to me are these three rocks in my life…Marty, Steve & Pat. Each one is special to me, and each one I love dearly. How grateful I am for them, and how grateful I am for this very special day!
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