15 Ways To Be A Burden Lifter

by | Jan 31, 2017 | Love Others

I loved reading the comments from yesterday’s post about being a blessing and not a burden.

Thank you for inspiring me even more to follow through on my intentions. Did you read Anita’s comment as she shared her story of the fellow traveler who gave her his coat on a freezing airplane? What a perfect example of being a burden lifter!

You know, some days life is hard enough, isn’t it? We know how it can be. We’ve experienced our share of burden-bearing days, months, seasons, and yes, even years.

Personally, I’ve found it doesn’t take much for someone to come along and lift that burden, even if it’s only for a moment or two. Something as simple as a smile, a cup of coffee, or a kind gesture can lighten the load.

There are people all over who are carrying all sorts of burdens. You might know of some in your own circle… in the next cubicle, in the chair beside you in class, just down the hall from your own bedroom.

What could we do to lighten the load for these precious people in our lives? What’s one simple thing we could do today? How can you and I be a burden lifter?

Help carry each other’s burdens. Galatians 6:2a GW

Let’s brainstorm together as we encourage one another to lift the burden of another.

15 Ways to be a Burden Lifter

15 Ways To Be A Burden Lifter

1 –   Offer a smile.

2 –   Give a compliment.

3 –   Hold the door open for the person behind you.

4 –   Surprise someone whose heart is heavy with a plate of cookies or a gourmet cupcake.

5 –   Send a card to a friend who needs to know she’s not alone.

6 –   Encourage the one who has lost his purpose in life.

7 –   Mail an anonymous gift to someone in need.

8 –   Write “YOU MATTER” on a sticky note and place it where it will be seen by the one who could use this reminder.

9 –   Offer a hug (where appropriate).

10 – Just listen to the one who needs to talk.

11 – Give up the close parking spot so someone else can have it.

12 – Tell another what you appreciate about him/her.

13 – Make a meal for the family down the street or at your church who is carrying a heavy burden.

14 – Pray for the one who comes to mind who is bearing the weight of the world on his/her shoulders. 

15 – Offer to babysit for the parents who are overwhelmed and overloaded.

Friend, what are some others? Can we keep this list growing? Who knows… maybe your idea might just be the one to inspire another to be a burden lifter?? I welcome you to share your ideas and thoughts below.

And, if you are finding yourself carrying a burden or two today, sometimes by being a burden lifter to another, our load becomes a little lighter, too. (I’m praying for all the burden carriers and lifters.)

May you and I be a blessing today.

Much love,


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  1. Michele Morin

    As I was reading these great ideas, it occurred to me that you’re helping your readers with planning for Valentine’s Day which will be upon us before we know it! We want to show the Love of Christ in these days, and not merely the love of Cupid or the holiday aisle at Walmart, so let’s put action to those desires as you have so aptly suggested here!

  2. Tara Ulrich

    Love this! As a giver on the Happiness Dare, this is what gives me life. At a conference last week, I bought coffee for a friend. He shared that I was his savior that day. Just a dimple act can go so far!

  3. Cindy

    My plan is to deliver small vases of flowers to the widows in my church on Valentine’s Day to remind them they are cared about.


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