It was Girls’ Night out. But you didn’t receive an invitation.

The office went out for lunch together. You found out about it after they returned.

You overheard friends recalling the fun they had together last night. You were home.

Everybody knows the inside joke. Everybody but you.

And then the kicker…

Those you were with were included. But you weren’t.

Am I invisible

Am I invisible?? Am I not liked??

Ever felt this way? You feel left out. Shut out. Not worthy. You thought you fit in, but maybe not after all.

Friend, you aren’t alone.

We all have the desire to belong. To fit in. To matter.

And when we don’t, it hurts. It’s hard. We question ourselves. We question others. We even begin to question God.

Why not me, God?? Why wasn’t I included?? Do I matter to anyone??

Just recently feelings of “not fitting in” consumed me. I had to let them go. I had to stop the thoughts that followed. Otherwise they would have wreaked havoc in my life, and would have stolen my joy. I couldn’t let them determine my worth.

Our worth is not found whether or not we fit inMy worth and yours is not found in whether or not we “fit in.”

Let me remind you right now, you matter. You are worthy. You are incredibly special. All because of the One who created you. The One who designed you, and formed you in your mother’s womb. You matter to Him. And He loves you.

Rest in that for a moment.

Also, if I may offer another perspective, it’s quite possible God could be sparing you and me from something hurtful or harmful by not being included in others’ plans and invitations. Maybe He’s got something much better for you in the works. Maybe He’s teaching you or someone else something specific through the experience.

There’s a bigger picture we aren’t able to see.

Not yet anyway.

Remember from my post the other day, as sometimes we need to see what our faith sees and not what our eyes see.

In those times, friends, we can hold our heads high. We fit in with the One who matters. To Him, you are not invisible!

And really, that’s all that matters.

Now it’s your turn. Have you ever felt invisible? Any words of wisdom, or a specific scripture you cling to in times like these? I’d love to read them!

I’m cheering you on in your faith and life today!


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