Here we are again! Friday! (Ok, I’m writing this Thursday night. Close enough.)

It’s that time of week–Five Minute Friday–where we free-write for five minutes on a one word prompt. We share them at Kate Montaung’s place, and encourage one another as we do. I’d love for you to join the fun. Either link up at Kate’s or write yours in the comments below. I’d love to read your five minutes of writing! Remember, no concern for grammar, punctuation, editing. Just write, friend!

This week’s word:




When I think of the word REACH, what comes to this mind of mine is the scene in Toy Story when Woody says, “Reach for the sky.”

(Click play for 4 seconds of fun.)

I love that cowboy. My son does too. And he’s seventeen. Woody was his childhood hero.

I digress.

Woody was wise in his words. “Reach for the sky.”

Of course, as sheriff, his words meant something different than what comes to my mind today.

When my days are overwhelming, when I feel like I can’t keep up, when the problems cloud the promises, when the yuck overtakes my joy, what do I do?

I reach for the sky.

I reach for the One Who can handle it all. I reach for help, for hope, for His love and grace.

balloon 01 editedYet, when my days are full of flowers, blue skies, beautiful and breathtaking moments, and joy abounds, I still reach for the sky. In awe, in wonder, in love.

Through it all, I reach for the sky in worship of Him… in the yuck and in the joy. It’s in the reaching up that everything begins to make sense and where I can let go and let God. He’s the one in control, and I don’t have to be.

Wherever you’re at and whatever you may be dealing with today, reach for the sky my friend. He’s ready to take your hand and lift you to new heights!

What joy awaits us all when we do!




I had fun with this post! Truly, Woody was an important “person” in our home for years. My son loved him and loved Buzz Lightyear. Maybe I’m feeling a little sentimental as my son began his senior year of high school last week. Time goes by too fast, friend. Cherish the “Woody days.” Reach for the sky!

Much love to you today,



(Video credits: Drew Courtright)


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