Five Minute Friday is here again.

It’s good to be a part of it today, even though I missed the party on Twitter last night. Five Minute Friday is more than a thing, a day, or something to do. It’s a beautiful community, filled with amazing people. I’m blessed to be included in it each week. We write for five minutes straight on the same word, and we gather at Kate’s to bless and encourage. It’s a lovely part of my week! I invite you to give it a try on your own!

This week’s word:




Three directions I could take this prompt this week:

1-  How much I miss my mom, especially on Mother’s Day. The holiday has never been the same since she passed away nearly ten years go. That ache of missing her is always present.

2 – How I miss my girl. She’s in the Dominican Republic this weekend as a bridesmaid in a wedding. She’s having the time of her life. But just knowing she’s in a different country seems to make her absence expound.

3 – How I had to make a choice this week of missing writing or missing real life.

I’m choosing #3.

I try to write every day. Try is the keyword here. Writing brings me great joy, and it fills a longing in my heart to encourage others. I write in the evenings after I get home from work. There’s never enough time to do all the writing I desire to do!

But this week, I had to make a choice. To write and miss out on real life, or live real life and miss out on writing.

I chose the latter.

The Superwoman in me wanted to do it all, because, you know, I can do it all. And years ago, I would have. I’ve learned from my foolishness (at least with most things), however. These choices can be difficult to make when we really want to do it all.

Sure, it would have been great to write, but it was greater to watch my son’s girlfriend win her last-home-track-meet events of her high school career.

Yes, I would have been able to encourage others, but instead I was able to encourage my husband as we biked two nights on the tandem and got 50 miles in. Together.

I could have stayed home this morning to write, but I chose to go to what I call “Bible class” with my girlfriends. It was priceless. My knowledge of God and the Bible grew again. And spending time with these women spurs me on.

Friend, sometimes we have to say no to what’s good, so we don’t miss what’s best.

Don't miss what's best



I’m cheering loudly for you over here. Don’t miss what’s best. Especially today.

Much love,


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