It’s our first Five Minute Friday of 2016.

Hmmm… and wouldn’t you know, that’s our word for this week! But just in case you don’t know what Five Minute Friday is, allow me to explain. It’s a flash mob of sorts, where many of us write on the same one-word prompt for five minutes straight. It’s free-writing at its best. We gather to share our five minutes at Kate Motaung’s blog, where encouragement and fun is aplenty.

I invite you to try it… either on your own blog or website, in the comments section below, or on a scratch piece of paper at your kitchen table. It’s fun and freeing!

As I already mentioned, this week’s word:




The first week, of the first month, of the new year. Here we are.

Are you and I off to a great start?

Sometimes I feel so much pressure in having something “new” to focus on in each new year. Like a resolution or a one word or a goal or whatever. And oftentimes I just desire to grow as a daughter of God in the new year and forget about all the other stuff. Not that any of it is bad, mind you, but if I’m not growing as a person, what’s the point?

Okay, I digress.

I do have a “one word” for my year. And I’m excited to see what God’s going to do through it.

But what if you and I would put first things first this year?

What if we would put our faith and God first, and let everything else come in behind?

What if we would be first to do one kind act every single day?

What if we would smile more and frown less?

What if we would say the compliments we think in our head, instead of keeping them to ourselves?

What if you and I would be a blessing to everyone we meet?

What if we first believed the best in others. Always?

What if we dug deep into God’s Word, and allowed it to transform us from the inside-out?

What if we helped the homeless? Aided the widow? Gave to a stranger? Blessed the fatherless? And shared our faith with others?

What if we extended hope, encouragement, love and compassion?

What if we were fully present in every moment?

What if you and I first loved each other, even if our opinions differ, and be the example for others to follow?

I’d love for 2016 to be that kind of year.

What if we would fear less and trust more?

What if we would follow that dream that’s simmering in our hearts?

What if you and I would take that gigantic step of faith, knowing God’s got us?

What if you and I would risk making a difference in one person’s life this year?

Let's be first

Let’s be first.

Let’s be the ones to lead by example first. Let’s be the ones to make the change we desire to see.



What a difference we can make in this world. What a difference you make in mine.

Happy first week of 2016!

Much love,


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