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Do We Function Out Of Faith Or Fear? 1

I was an unplanned observer of people this week. Circumstances in our world prompted me to take notice of how people responded and lived their lives because of them. I watched how some functioned out of faith and others functioned out of fear. And, let me tell you, God taught me much through my observations. […]

Have You Found Yourself In Worry Lately? 1

There’s been much to worry about lately. Hurricanes. Wild fires. Wars and rumors of wars. Unrest in our country and in the world. Sickness and disease. New schedules and life-turned-upside-down events. And to top it all off, a credit bureau data breach that affects millions. Yikes! Yes, there has been much to worry about lately. […]

Trusting God Makes All The Difference 1

It’s been a bit quiet around here lately. Quiet on my blog, yes. But, quiet in my life? Absolutely not. This grand adventure with God continues. And I’m thankful it does. But, this adventure hasn’t allowed me much time lately to hang out with you here. Tonight though, I wanted to at least pop my […]

God’s Reminder Of His Love In The Produce Section 3

I lifted my gaze from my shopping cart. My eyes locked with his from across the fresh produce section. I wasn’t sure he’d recognize me. After all, my hair was about six inches shorter–and a shade lighter–than the last time we had seen each other. But, he did. With a big smile on his face, […]

Don’t Let The World Decide What Is Beautiful 10

The world around us proclaims what’s beautiful. We are inundated with images of air-brushed bodies and smiles flashing perfect teeth. We observe Hollywood showcasing stars wearing the latest trends, driving the coolest cars, living in the most stunning houses. The world tells us beauty is a certain size, a certain hair color, and a certain face […]

When It’s Time To Forget What Others Think 6

I made the mistake of updating my Facebook profile over the weekend. It had been a few months since I did so. And as I did, reality on the screen stared back at me. Yes, I currently have four jobs. FOUR!! No, this didn’t surprise me, as I’m well aware of all four, but this was […]

5 Truths For When You Are Discouraged 4

Not so long ago I found myself deeply discouraged. A physical ailment appeared out of nowhere. As it continued to worsen, my attitude followed. I began feeling helpless, frustrated, and confused. Hopelessness set in as there was nothing I could do to make it better. As we journey through this life we may find deep […]