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What Does Easter Mean To You? 5

Each Easter morning I would wake to the thrill of finding some variation of eggs expertly hidden throughout our home. My three brothers and I would wait for the go ahead signal from our parents before beginning our hunt. Once found, we’d spend a good part of the day re-hiding them and finding them again. […]

Could You Use A Touch From God Right Now? 4

Not long ago, I found myself struggling. Struggling to be happy. Struggling to be positive. And struggling to remain hopeful. I can’t quite explain it, but it was as if a dark cloud had come from over the horizon and settled over me and everything in my life. No one seemed to experience it but […]

4 Helpful Ways To Live A Thank You Life

There’s something special about the one who lives a thank you life. You know the one. He views life with a different perspective than most. He sees the sun even when it’s not shining, and finds the silver lining when it’s unseen by everyone else. His glass is always half-full. Her words are only positive, […]

When You Want To Blend In But Are Called To Stand Out

Some time ago I penciled in my calendar the words Women’s Conference for February 3 and 4. A trusted friend invited me to attend. I didn’t fully understand what I signed up for, but I figured a Women’s Conference was something I could benefit from. IF:Gathering was just what my weary, worn-out self needed. It […]

When You Feel Like You’re One Big Mess Up

One big mess up. A failure. A mistake. Because of your actions do you ever felt like any of these? If you’re human (and I assume we all are), I’m guessing we all have. I felt like a big mess up not so long ago. I didn’t love well. In fact, I displayed the opposite […]

Are You Feeling Alone? This Is For You.

I wasn’t expecting to hear she was feeling alone. I mean, from the outside, she appeared to have life by the tail. A smile always on her face. An active lifestyle. A fun social life. Surrounded by friends and family. However, her words contradicted my outside-looking-in view. My heart ached for her as she shared […]

I Want To Be More Like The Woman At The Well

With this title, you’re probably wondering if I’ve lost it. I imagine the women in my Bible study group on Monday thought the same thing when those words came spilling out of my mouth. That’s not a typical thought for most of us… wanting to be more like this woman. I mean, it’s likely this […]