We wake up. We do what we do. We eat. We sleep. We do it all over again.

Life can get monotonous if we fall into the trap of thinking that’s all there is. Wouldn’t you agree, life is much more? The life each of us have been given is a special gift, and each day we’re given is just as special. We have a purpose to fulfill, lives to touch, a difference to make, a story to tell.

We can stop living for the weekend, and start appreciating each day, no matter what day of the week it is. Let’s be about making the most of each moment, and appreciating the gift today is. Below are ways to help do that.

7 Useful Ways To Appreciate The Gift Of Today

7 Useful Ways To Appreciate The Gift Of Today

1. Wake Up Thankful.

We woke up today. That’s a gift in itself. Even if it’s a season of hard, a day full of opportunities, blessings, treasures, and memory-making moments is ahead of us. We can choose to start our day thankful, and sometimes we have to intentionally list in our mind exactly what we’re thankful for. We each have much more than we sometimes realize.


2. Eat Healthy & Get Moving.

Our bodies and our health are two wonderful gifts. I’ve been known to take them for granted. When we choose to fill our bodies with healthy food, and to keep ourselves active, we are making our health a priority which will benefit and effect every area of our lives.


3. Stop To Smell The Roses

All too often we can get so caught up in the schedule of the day, and we miss the small gifts placed all around us. When you see a flower, stop to smell it. When you hear a bird singing, stop to enjoy it. Allow the beauty around us to capture our attention… and enjoy it all.


4. Do Something Out Of Your Comfort Zone

When we do something that stretches us out of what’s comfortable, we learn, we grow, and our comfort zone becomes a little bigger. Sure, staying in our comfort zone is easy, but stepping out helps us be courageous. Give yourself this gift of growth today, and why not encourage another to do the same?


5. Share Your Day With Others

Speaking of encouraging another, today is a great day to share the gift of our day with someone else. When we choose to bless, encourage, care for, show love, and walk alongside of another, the gift of this day grows exponentially.


6. Believe The Best

Even on days when things don’t go our way, when we believe the best and see the glass half-full, our attitude remains uplifted and positive. Believe the best in ourselves. Believe the best in circumstances. Believe the best in others.


7. Go To Bed Thankful

When our children were young, we’d end our day with “Thankfuls.” We’d gather in one of their bedrooms, and during our prayer time we’d each share what we were thankful for that day. This taught us to end our day with a grateful heart, no matter what kind of a day it was. Not only does a grateful heart make a happy heart, but it also gives the gift of a restful night’s sleep.

This is the day the Eternal God has made; let us celebrate and be happy today. Psalm 118:24 VOICE

I pray these seven ways impact your day and mine as we appreciate the gift of this very special day!



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Photo credit: Zach Lefebure

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