Life gets ticking right along.

We get caught up in climbing the success ladder, looking for the next big break, seeking a way to make it in the big leagues.

There’s deadlines to meet, dinner to make, diapers to change, and oh yeah, that pile of laundry is beckoning to be washed.

We mailed the payment too late, missed the enrollment period, or got lost following our trusted GPS.

We’re planning vacations, schedules, carpools, and life.

It’s no wonder we forget.

I woke today wondering how in the world time and life can zip by so quickly.

It’s humbling when I ponder that thought for too long. It’s even more humbling when I wonder, “what will I be doing and where will I be in five years??”

That wondering caused me to remember.

To remember the promises God has given me.

Yes! Those special promises He has shown me. How could I forget them? Did I stop believing them?? Did I give up on them?? Did I give up on God fulfilling His Word to me??

Friend, what about you?

What promise has God given you?

What specific thing did He show you or share with you?

What encouragement has He given you for your life?

Did He give you a one word or a scripture verse at the beginning of this year?

Did He give you a promise some time ago that hasn’t yet come to pass?

I’d say it’s a great day to remember, and it’s time to believe again.
Luke 1 45

The above verse speaks loudly to my heart. It helps me press on in my calling, and in believing God is still working out the promises He gave me.

Take for example a promise God gave me six years ago. It was through Psalm 89:1…

I will sing of the Lord’s great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations.

God revealed to me much in this scripture. Singing and speaking for Him, to the young and the mature. I look forward to when He fulfills it all.

So, by remembering, I’m again believing. And I’m believing while I’m waiting.

Waiting is hard, I know. But friend, as we wait for His promises to be fulfilled, will you stand with me, believing God will do what He said He will do? God isn’t one to go back on His Word. He’ll fulfill those promises He’s given each of us in His perfect timing.

Would you care to share? What promise(s) are you remembering, believing, and waiting for God to fulfill in your life? I’d love to encourage you today.

It’s time to believe. Let’s believe together.

Much love,



P.S. The hymn, Standing On The Promises Of God comes to mind after writing this post. I plan on singing it all day long.

Standing, standing, standing on the promises of God my Savior,

Standing, standing… I’m standing on the promises of God…


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