If we smiled more and frowned less and if we laughed more and sighed less, what difference would it make?

If we listened more and spoke less and if we loved more and hated less, what difference would it make?

If we chose to believe the best in others, and if we decided to see them as blessings and not burdens, what difference would it make?

If we spoke kind words more and pointed fingers less, what difference would it make?

If we encouraged others to be all they can be, and if we helped them do so, what difference would it make?

And, if we read the Good Book, believed those words to be true, and lived by them, what difference would it make?

What difference would it make? Encouragement to make the best choice...

Would these make any difference at all?

I believe they would. And, I believe they do.

Each day you and I have a choice to make. We have a choice in how we think, how we talk, how we act, and how we live. We can choose to be kind or not. Happy or not. Encouraging or not. Believe the best or not. Loving or not.

It’s all a choice.

It makes a world of difference when we choose the better option. When we choose what will benefit others and what will glorify our Maker. Even if we don’t feel like it. Even if we woke on the wrong side of the bed. Yes, even when we have “one of those days.” Because we all have them.

Those are the days making a difference matters most.

When we make a difference for others, it not only impacts them and their worlds, but it impacts ours. It can beautifully influence our lives as well. It can transform a hum-drum day into something amazing. Something wonderful. Something memorable.

Every kind word we speak. Every positive thought toward another you and I think. And, yes, every act of love we show impacts more than you and I realize. These are the little things that can change the world we live in. One choice at a time. But, will we choose to do them?

So, friend, what choice can you and I make today?





It’s been awhile since I participated in Five Minute Friday, and yes, I’m late to the #fmfparty. But, it’s a gift to reconnect with these amazing writers and amazing people. So, even though I’m a couple days behind, it’s a joy to take five minutes and let the words fly! This week’s prompt is IF.

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