Sunday Truth: God Delights In You

by | Sep 7, 2014 | Sunday Truth

Sunday TruthA mistake made at work.

A new recipe that became a flopped dinner.

An ink pen missed through pre-wash pocket inspection that journeyed through the clothes washer.

A mountain of shoes in the entry way (see yesterday’s post).

The well-intended exercise routine that hasn’t been visited in a few days.

Eating one too many mint chocolate chip cookies (in one sitting).

Snapping back with a harsh tone in a conversation.

Desiring to be everything for everyone, but instead, feeling like a complete and total failure .

The life stuff we can beat ourselves up about is plentiful.

Let me tell you, I’ve had my share this week. And sadly, I’ve done a pretty good job at beating myself up.

This morning it dawned on me what I had been doing to myself when I read my daily devotional.

What jumped off the page was this:

“I delight in you more than you can imagine. I approve of you continuously, for I see you cloaked in My Light, arrayed in My righteousness.”

(From Jesus Calling by Sarah Young)

God delights in you. Isaiah 61:10

“Hmmm. God delights in me? How can He? All the mess ups, mishaps and mistakes I’ve made, this week alone?”

But wait. I know God’s love for me isn’t based on what I do or don’t do. It’s all based on Him.

There are things we know, but we forget. Our thinking gets clouded from the stuff life throws at us. We begin to believe the negative stuff the world and our adversary tells us.

I forgot. I began to believe the lies again.

I needed this reminder. I needed to have the cloud of self-condemnation lifted. I needed to read the reality that God delights in me.

Friend, maybe you need this, too.

The Bible tells us when we put our faith in Jesus, God sees us through Jesus’ perfection and goodness, and not our imperfections and not-so-goodness.

Such a beautiful truth on this Sunday morning. Or any morning for that matter!

It’s time to get our thinking back on the right track, and stop believing the lies of failure, faux pas, and fiascoes. To believe the truth that God delights in us and approves of us.


May you bask in this beautiful truth today. I will be, all day long.

Happy Sunday!


#sundaytruth: Sharing truth from God’s Word on Sunday to inspire us through the week ahead.

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