Loving Where We Live

by | Feb 1, 2013 | This Lefe Family

sunrise edited

I love where we live… Despite the minor inconveniences at times. Yes, living on a gravel road we sometimes have to deal with dust or mud. We choose to pay a hefty sum to have our road treated in the summer to keep the dust down. Our cars are rarely as clean as others’ who don’t live in a rural area. Oftentimes the wind is so strong out here. We can’t have much for lawn decor, because we know it’ll get blown away. There’s sometimes the hassle of driving…if we want to go anywhere, we have to drive a distance. To get groceries, to eat out, to get gas, etc. And on slippery roads, that makes it even more of a hassle. What normally takes us 20 minutes to get home from Zach’s orthodontist appointment yesterday, took us 45 because of the dangerous roads. Thank goodness school is delayed tomorrow morning again, as it was today for that very reason! Some of our children’s friends choose not to come here because it’s “too far.” Really? We live 20 minutes from most of them. We are just used to the driving, I guess. But despite these minor things, I love where we live. I love the location of our home…it sits on a gradual hill. As I’ve mentioned in past posts, we see the sunrise to the east, and the sunset to the west. Many of these are breathtaking each day. I often take pictures of them because each are so different and beautiful. I have a camera full of shots I’ve taken. To our north is our family’s open field right now covered in snow. We can see for miles in all directions, except to the south. Beyond that field and another one to the north is the town I grew up in. We can see the steeple of the church I was raised in, and at different times in the year, we can see my childhood home. The town’s lights are beautiful at night, especially with snow covering the ground. But tonight I am able to see something else pretty extraordinary to the north…the Northern Lights! Pretty amazing! God has truly blessed us with our home and with where we live. Almost each day I get to witness something having to do with our home’s location and I again am thankful. I realize some would never want to live out here in the “boonies,” but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! 🙂

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  1. Linda

    I noticed in your profile that you do BSF. This is my 7th year in BSF and I love it. Best Bible study ever! I invite you to follow my blog. It’s usually on my BSF studies. ” Walking in the Light” – devotionsbylv.blogspot.com



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