I love Christmas.

I love everything about it. For as far back as I can remember Christmas has been my favorite. Maybe it’s because there’s still a little girl inside of me who treasures the awe and wonder of Christmas. I can recall how this little girl would sit for hours in front of our childhood Christmas tree and marvel at its loveliness.

There’s a certain spirit in the air that’s present during the Christmas season, one of hope, belief, and promise. The sights, the sounds, and the scents cause me to pause and rejoice in the simple. Christmas music, the glistening lights on a decorated tree, and the many festive foods that arrive with the season makes me smile. (Oh yes, Mom’s famous cut-out sugar cookies will return again this year!)

I find joy in spending time with family and friends, decorating our home, and yes, even Christmas shopping. Wrapping the perfect gift and watching a joy-filled smile appear as it’s opened warms my heart.

I love Christmas and all this season brings.

But, believe it or not, I’ve been known to miss Christmas.

I allowed myself to get so wrapped up in the many activities and the hustle and bustle, I missed Christmas entirely a handful of years ago. Oh, I was physically present, but that’s about all I was.

I may have had the most beautifully wrapped gifts, but I was too busy to unwrap the true Gift of the season.

I was so busy preparing to make everything “perfect” that I forgot to prepare my heart.

My focus was centered on my to-do list instead of savoring the small moments.

I allowed the trivial to overshadow the blessings.

And, even personal sickness and exhaustion have been known to accompany my Christmas mornings as a result of my hectic December schedule.

Rediscovering Christmas, together.

I am well aware I’m not the only one who has a full life with demands, responsibilities, and priorities. We have jobs and school and families to care for. We have schedules, to-do lists, and special activities to attend. Not to mention shopping, baking, decorating, and everything else that comes with the Christmas season. How can we do it all and not miss Christmas?

I invite you back here to join me these next four weeks where we’ll slow things down and savor our surroundings. We’ll dig a little deeper and linger a little longer. We’ll gaze at Jesus and His manger birth. And, we’ll even discuss grief during the holidays and address the difficulties that accompany the season.

You’ll find we’ll be real and open as we anticipate the birth of our Savior. Just as it won’t be a perfect season, it won’t be perfect over here either. And, sometimes that’s what makes the season even more special.

Join me in rediscovering Christmas this season!

Let’s rediscover Christmas together. I can’t wait.

Merry Christmas, my friend. I’ll see you back here tomorrow.


Join me in rediscovering Christmas this season!

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