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It’s a flash-mob of free writing. No concern for grammar, punctuation, spelling. Just the freedom of allowing the words to flow from our heads and hearts through our hands. Yes, it’s Five Minute Friday, and it’s a gift for me to write on the weekly one-word prompt. We write and gather together at Kate Motaung’s place to share.

I’d love for you to join us. If you don’t have a blog, write your five minutes in the comments section below. You’ll be encouraged, and I believe you’ll enjoy it.

Here goes!

This week’s word:




When I saw the word “keep” come across my #fmfparty Twitter feed, I was reminded of a scripture passage from my Bible study this week. I attend Bible Study Fellowship (this is my 18th year!), and this year we are studying The Life of Moses. A thirty-week study, and I’m learning so much. Even though I believe this is my third time through this study. It’s as if some of it is brand new to me.

This week we ventured into Numbers, a not-so-easy-to-read book. But God encouraged me through the precious words in Numbers 6:24-26.

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”

Numbers 6 24-26What beautiful Words. What beautiful truth. I cherish the thought of God blessing me and keeping me.

Read the scripture again, and allow God’s Word to sink in.

I’ve been praying this for my family and friends this week, and tonight, I’m praying it for you.

I don’t know what you’re walking through right now, but God does. I don’t know what you’re facing, but God does. I don’t know what encouragement you may need, but this might be it.

Rest in this truth today, my friend.

Who in your life could use this prayed over them? Join me in praying these beautiful Words, won’t you?

May God bless you and keep you!



Thank you for being here today. You bless me!


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30 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Keep

  • Anita Ojeda

    I’ve heard this set to music (several different versions), and I love them all. What a beautiful benediction to pray over someone (or to sing over them). I’ll be praying this over my family this week for sure!

  • Stephanie

    I’m in BSF too! Enjoyed writing our own version of that amazing blessing last week, and hearing what my dear BSF ladies said for theirs, too.It’s so critical in our walk with God to know who we belong to… thank you for that reminder. #fmfparty 🙂

    • Julie Lefebure Post author

      Yay! A BSF sister! Thanks for letting me know that. Yes, that was a gift, writing our own version of that verse. It really hit home for me this week. Thank you for stopping in. Enjoy the rest of the study this year!

  • Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    I almost hate to say this, but when I think of the Life of Moses, i think of two words…

    Keep walking.

    Don’t roll your eyes like that, they’ll get stuck.

    I never really think of praying ‘over’ someone; that sounds a bit like something for a more advanced soul. I pray for people, and I usually use that deal from Numbers as part of the prayer I email my wife every day, as the train she rides to work is about to pull into the station at ABQ.

    The prayers are specific to what’s happening on her job (as an accountant…so Numbers is appropriate), but I always try to include the bit about Him blessing and keeping her.

  • Shannon Bibby

    Julie, what a beautiful verse and prayer. I read this over multiple times and really let these words sink in. I never really thought how I’ve obtained peace I just knew God gave it to me because I didn’t hurt any longer. This scripture says that the Lord turns his face towards you and that’s how you’re given peace. Not sure why I find this incredibly significant and captivating. But thank you for sharing this!

    • Julie Lefebure Post author

      I caught that this time too, Shannon. The turning of His face towards us gives us peace. I love that! I’m glad you let them sink in. Too often I read God’s Words without pausing to reflect or to let them work their way to my heart. So glad you did this and for how they impacted you. Bless you, friend. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Betsy

    What a beautiful scripture, Julie. You’re such an encourager. I love this prayer, and I want to join you in memorizing it and praying it over people this weekend. Have you heard Jesus Culture’s song on this scripture? It’s lovely.

  • Betsy

    p.s. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful graphic! As always on your site friend! Going to share this on my FB page later (when people on your side of the world are up) so that friends can read your words and SEE this beautiful scripture.

  • Jennifer

    I have been in Community Bible Study now for nine years! I have considered hopping over to Bible Study Fellowship because it meets closer to my house, and I’ve never done it but heard it’s similar. I think it is fantastic that your smiling face on the link up led me to this post…I wrote about making choices of next year what to keep…I think your message and God’s message to me is to KEEP Bible study on my mom schedule. I hope you have a lovely day, and I thank you for that scripture too…that was our United Methodist Youth Fellowship benediction each week we linked hands and said that verse to end our UMYF nights. 🙂 I love it, and I have it in my heart too! Love, Jenn

    • Julie Lefebure Post author

      That’s great, Jennifer! Nine years of studying the Bible. I think of all the seeds God has planted in our hearts over the years. Seeds we may not even realize have taken root. But they are there. I’m so thankful. I encourage you to keep your Bible study on your schedule. It’s too important not to, especially when life gets busy. Cheering you on in that! Bless you for stopping by and sharing!

  • Jennifer Frisbie

    I know these verses well! My husband and I bless the head of each of our children with this every single night. It’s become such a tradition in our home that, when my husband and I were meeting late one night with some dear friends in our accountability group, my oldest daughter got on his iPad and sent us both a text with this verse. She wanted to tell us goodnight and to be safe coming home. I knew then just how powerful these words were and how much she understood them. I “keep” them close…

    Beautiful post, friend! (and WOW 18 years of Bible study fellowship. I just had to throw that in. How awesome!!)

    • Julie Lefebure Post author

      Jennifer, BSF is such a part of me. I can’t imagine my life without it. Really. God uses it to grow me and mold me. So thankful for the discipline of it. But your words here! I love this. What a gift to bless your children with this verse every night. And how your daughter did the same for you through it. I’m rejoicing with you! Thank you so much for sharing this story. I won’t soon forget it. And I think I’ll bless my son with it tonight. May God bless you and keep you!

  • Rachel Q

    What a good reminder that He does keep us, watch over us and surround us with His presence throughout our days! What a great comfort to know He is with us through it all! Thank you!

  • Tarissa Helms

    Julie, what a beautiful graphic and reminder. I loved your photo so much I printed it for my refrigerator. 🙂 I’ve felt drawn to BSF for several years now. With all my girls out of elementary school next fall, I’m thinking perhaps the timing will finally be right!

    • Julie Lefebure Post author

      I hope you can attend BSF, Tarissa. I can’t imagine my life without it. Truly. Next year we’re studying Revelation, a new study for BSF. I can’t wait. I’ll be praying God opens the door for you to attend! Thank you for stopping by and for sharing. Have a beautiful weekend!

  • Donna

    One of my mother’s friends from her church wrote that in a card to me almost thirty years ago when I was ill. I still think of her every time I read that verse. A beautiful blessing.

    visiting from five minute friday