How do you spread joy in your job? What do you do to keep a positive outlook and to keep a smile on your face, even on the days when it’s difficult to do so?

I fully understand some days it’s harder to accomplish that than others. I found some ideas in my archives which may help us all keep the workplace a pleasant and uplifted place.

Why not spread a little joy today??

7 Ways To Spread Joy At Work

7 Ways To Spread Joy At Work

1.   Punch in with a smile.

Be intentional to smile as you “clock in.” Look forward to the day (or night) that’s ahead of you. Embrace the joy of your job. Even on the days when you’d rather be somewhere else, be thankful for your work.


2.   See the blessing in your work.

Believe you are making a difference in what you do, because you are. Even on the days it may not seem like it.  You are making a difference in more ways than you think. Your work matters.


3.   See the good in your co-workers.

Your co-workers have been placed in your life for a reason. Encourage them. Bless them. Make their days more pleasant by being in their lives. Make a positive impact.


4.   Make it more than your job description.

Find one way every day to go above and beyond your job description. Go the “extra mile.” Even if that extra mile is something no one else sees. Joy is a by-product of doing more than “what’s expected.”


5.  Do something special for someone.

Go out of your way to do something to bless another. Something unpredictable. Be the reason someone else smiles today. Help another succeed. Not only will it build up the receiver, it’ll also bring a smile to your face too.


6.  Take a few minutes to breathe deep.

Stop and take a few deep breaths throughout the day. Short pauses help you keep a positive attitude and extend that out to everyone you come in contact with.


7.  End the work day grateful. 

As you close down your work day, consciously recall the high points, the moments that made you smile, the things that went well. Be thankful for them. Forget about the things that weren’t so pleasant, and do what you can to not take your work home with you. End your day on a positive note.


What do you do to stay joyful at work? What do you do to spread joy? Would you care to share it below?

May your day be overflowing with joy!




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