Preparing for Easter

Preparing for Easter

The last two days I have been working from home, in front of my computer at my dining room table. I have been preparing the Easter message for our Worship Service at Mission of Hope on Sunday morning. I have emersed myself in God’s Word. It took me both days to...

Two Bus Tickets

I forgot how special Mission of Hope’s Saturday night Worship Services are. Our family usually attends Sunday morning’s Worship Service. I have written before about how I am continually awed and amazed at what God does and what transpires during the Sunday...

It’s Exciting to be a Part of God’s Work!

I gave the “message” at Mission of Hope, our church, on Sunday. I am always amazed how God brings everything together as I’m preparing the message. I shared a little about where I was at in my post on Friday with my preparations. As always, God...

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