I was incredibly blessed yesterday after work to walk in the door and to be met by my husband asking if I was up for a date night. We had tentatively planned for a night out, but it all depended on how we both felt. Bill’s sleeping pattern has been messed up recently, and on Fridays, I’ve lately been exhausted from the week.

At that point yesterday though, I seemed to have gotten my second wind. I was ready for a night out. I was shocked by his next words, “We have reservations at 7:00 at Linn Street Cafe.” What a surprise! Really? 🙂

Bill had heard great things about that restaurant, but we had never been there. I changed out of my “work” clothes and changed into something more for a date, updated my makeup, and off we went.

I felt like a queen. I find it pretty special that after 21+ years of dates with Bill, I still get butterflies and excited about spending time with him. And the simple fact that he went to the extra effort of choosing a place and making reservations to surprise me, made it even more fun! 🙂

Our meals were delicious! I ordered Pecan Crusted Chicken and Bill ordered Stuffed Pork Chops. This meal reminded me of something I would have enjoyed on one of our Mary Kay trips! We were both enjoyed our meals, the ambiance, and the company! I would highly recommend this restaurant for a nice dinner out. Ali and Zach wouldn’t have enjoyed it so much…no chicken strips or pizza on the menu for Zach. 🙂

I don’t know when we’ll return, but I’ll certainly look forward to when we do!

And…have I said recently how very much I love my husband???

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