I took notice of an elderly lady sliding into one of the pews this morning at Bible study. She’s one who is dear to my heart, as we studied the Bible together in the same small group a few years back. She very recently became a widow, and as I watched her small, weary frame rest in the pew, my heart became heavy for her. Married for decades to her husband, I can only imagine how lonely she must be, and how much she must miss him.

My mind then went to my nephew. He’s almost like a son to me. Many a night he’s sat here in our living room watching movies and episodes of Hoarders on “movie night.” He lost much yesterday in a house fire. Nothing is left except the chimney and a brick porch pillar or two. I would imagine that is a terribly difficult experience to walk through at any age, let alone at twenty-two years old. My heart hasn’t stopped aching for him.

The bad began to multiply into monster-size proportions as I thought about one recent terrible thing after another.

As tears began to well up, I knew I had gone too far. I had to stop thinking about the bad. I needed to stay focused on my task at hand, and I couldn’t continue down the discouraging path I began to travel on in those few minutes.

I needed to focus on the good.

I needed to focus on God.

And as I did, the monster-sized bad began to shrink.

Sure, those terribly difficult situations were still real, but they lost their power. They lost their size.

Everything loses it’s size when compared to God.

As I’ve heard by Bible study leader voice many times, “He’s the strongest Strong One.”

Strongest strong one


I’m not about to minimize what difficult situation you may be walking through today. If it’s real to you, it’s real to God. If it’s big to you, it’s big to God. My nephew’s fire? That’s big to God, because it’s big to my nephew.

But it’s not too big for God.

And neither is your situation.

Whatever real-life bad stuff we are in the middle of today, He can handle it. Nothing is impossible with God.

With God all things are impossibleMay we each rest in this truth today, as we hand our situations over to Him to handle, and trust Him to do so.

Praying for you today, friend.



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