Yesterday I wrote my monthly love note to my family.

The last day of each month, or soon there after, I write a blog post to my husband and two children, and I share my heart through my words. I enjoy writing these monthly posts. My only regret is not starting it sooner.

Even though our kids are grown, I still believe it’s important to let them know in this tangible way how much their momma loves them. It’s also a way I can bless my husband and show him appreciation and love. God has knit us four together in a very special way, and my desire is to do all I can to support that strong bond. My monthly love note is one way I do that.

One might think our lives are perfect in reading these notes. It may appear as if we have the ideal family. One who has everything going for them. Who is happy all the time. Who is gliding along in life with no hiccups, bumps in the road, or detours. The smiles in the photos I include may make others think everything is just fine. Perfectly fine. Well, friend, allow me set the record straight.

Life isn’t perfect over here.

Our home was built by Bill’s family, and maybe that’s why it’s felt like home since the first day we moved in thirteen years ago. It’s a perfect-sized house in “the country,” and it’s peaceful here. We can see for miles in most every direction.

Inside, we don’t have the newest furniture, appliances, or gadgets. We’ve never had cable t.v. (I know, crazy, right!?), and you won’t find a t.v. in any of our bedrooms. We’ve chosen our bedrooms to be places of rest, free from television’s influence.

You might find a basket-full of ready-to-fold laundry where it doesn’t belong, or six pairs of shoes on the rug inside the front door. There could be hand prints on the inside of the windows, and paw prints from the farm cats on the outside.

Our son’s bathroom might be a mess (I have stories!!), and if you’d walk into our bedroom right now, you’d find a couple piles of clothes needing to find their home in drawers.

No, life isn’t perfect.

20151128_204147I can get critical and grumpy. I can bury myself easily in my work and writing. I’m not a great cook. I can be over-protective of my adult children, and can drive them crazy in my mothering ways.

My husband and I don’t always see eye-to-eye. We might disagree in front of the kids. We might take picking on each other one step too far. We’ve even been known to go a day without speaking to each other.

Our children aren’t angels. They’ve messed up like the rest of us. They’ve struggled in their faith. They’ve made poor choices. They’ve hurt each other, and have disappointed themselves and their parents.

We irritate each other. We’ve rolled our eyes at each other. We’ve been selfish and prideful.

Even if photos may display it, life isn’t perfect.

20151129_115250(0)editedBut we take God at His word over here. We read it. Pray it. Stand by it. Trust it. We love each other unconditionally. We give second (and third and fourth and….) chances. We apologize. We forgive. We encourage. We support. We show up. We laugh together. We cry together. We spend time doing life together.

And we try to keep God in the center.

Life isn’t perfect, but God Who’s in the center of it all is.

So, friend, may you be encouraged today if your life isn’t perfect either. You’re in good company.

We’ll keep living this imperfect life. We’ll continue to trust God as we do. We’ll smile for the camera, even if life isn’t perfect. And we’ll love each other along the way.

We’ll continue doing life together. That’s family. That’s us. And, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Much love,


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