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A Love Story… 24 Years In The Making

It’s quite a love story. Full of ups and downs. The good and not-so-good. Happiness and sorrow. Suspense and laughter. Joy and pain. It’s a love story of which someone should write a book. It’s a sweet story, beginning with how a boy met a girl… and then squirted her in the face with a […]

To The Bride I Was 23 Years Ago

We celebrated 23 years of marriage on Saturday. (Wow… the years have sped by lighting-fast.) The time we spent together over the weekend allowed me to pause and ponder and reflect on these years. On the bride I was. On the hopes and plans and dreams we had. On where God might take us in […]

“Something I Could Never Do”

I repeatedly said, “That’s something I could never do.” Ever voiced those words and found yourself eating them later?? Riding a bicycle across Iowa for a week, sleeping in a tent each night, waiting in a port-a-potty line 20-people deep or in a shower line an hour long in the middle of July was not […]

Love Like Jesus Does

An unfamiliar country song came through the speakers of my hairstylist’s radio. I recognized the artist’s voice. He sings one of my favorites, Like Jesus Does, a song written about his girl who loves him in Jesus’ ways. It’s touching, it’s truth-filled, it’s challenges me. Here’s Eric Church’s acoustic version if you care to listen […]

3 Sentences That Transformed Our Marriage

In a few weeks my husband and I will be celebrating 23 years of wedded bliss. Okay, maybe not bliss, but happiness and love. Okay, I’ll just be honest here… 23 years of learning how to love each other. We’ve had some glorious, and amazing mountain-top moments: Our wedding day. Our two-week honeymoon. The day […]

When I Stopped Trying To Change My Spouse

As our son’s high school graduation quickly approaches, I’ve spent days going through photos of simpler times. Precious memories are attached to each photo of years past. I came across an album of candid shots from our wedding day of nearly 23 years ago.¬†Oh, how young we looked. Oh, the smiles on our faces, and […]

W2W – Doing What’s Best For Him

It’s Woman to Woman Wednesday! Continuing our look at Proverbs 31. I read the above scripture and I react two ways. Part of me wants to hide. God, my husband, and I know the truth. I’m not the Proverbs 31:12 wife. It seems impossible to be like her. The other part of me wants God […]