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What Is Up With The Big F?

Pet peeves. We all have them, and there’s a good chance ours might be different. pet peeve :: a particular and often continual annoyance What is your biggest pet peeve? What is the thing that grates on your nerves or bugs you the most? One of mine is when my name is mispronounced or misspelled. […]

When We Believe We Can Love Better 4

I love people. Truly, I do. But, I don’t always love people like I should. I get selfish, irritated, and annoyed. I let differences get in the way of my love, and sadly, my love isn’t always unconditional. There are times the thoughts I have of others aren’t lovely, and some of those thoughts have […]

15 Ways To Be A Burden Lifter 3

I loved reading the comments from yesterday’s post about being a blessing and not a burden. Thank you for inspiring me even more to follow through on my intentions. Did you read Anita’s comment as she shared her story of the fellow traveler who gave her his coat on a freezing airplane? What a perfect […]

I Want To Be A Blessing And Not A Burden 13

The look on her face showed much. Sadness filled her eyes. Shadows appeared under them as evidence of fatigue or illness. The corners of her mouth pointed downward, and her head followed. I didn’t mean to stare, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. And as I watched her saunter by, I could […]

7 Ways To Powerfully Embrace The New Year 4

Happy New Year! I’m one who loves a fresh start. A new year, for me, is a chance for a new beginning. How about you? Do you like turning the page of the new year? Or is the start of a new year something you don’t look forward to? No matter how we feel about […]

Shine Light, Do Good To Make A Difference 6

I attended a Veteran’s Day program this morning. The guest speaker said these words that prompted this post, “I believe I can make a difference.” Silently and wholeheartedly, I agreed with her. I believe I can make a difference, too. Why do I think so? I believe God put me on this earth, not to […]

Allow You To Be You And Me To Be Me 16

We have a saying in our family. “Let him live.” (Or let her live. Or let them live.) The four in our household secretly know this means to let whomever we’re referring to, to live his/her own life. To let him/her be who they are without judgment or condemnation. Even if he/she is acting opposite […]