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When Our Good Intentions Are Gone By Noon 8

I know how it goes. We start our day with good intentions. Good intentions of great endeavors, activities, and attitudes. We wake up planning that today will be the day. Today is the day things will be different. Today I will read my devotional and spend some time talking with God. This is the day […]

When It’s Time For You To Live 8

I dropped my phone in the toilet this morning. (Clean water, by the way.) I’m wearing a heart monitor for a month. (Yeah, my heart decided to rebel recently.) I had to change my plans for my day off today. This is life, isn’t it? An imperfect, messy, ridiculous, unpredictable, crazy, amazing, exciting, beautiful, blessed […]

2016 – The Year I Believed 6

2016 will go down as the year I believed. And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her by the Lord. Luke 1:45 NRSV This year flew past me like our friend, Brian’s speeding #17 race car. In my mind it should only be about September. […]

An Abundant Life Or An Insecure Life?

Yesterday we discussed what might be holding us back from receiving all God has for us. The discussion was enlightening and encouraging. It’s something we don’t talk about often, but I believe healing and wholeness takes place when we’re honest with ourselves and open with each other. I realized I have a number of “things” […]

When It’s Time To Let Go 9

It was staring me straight in the face. Again. I thought I had buried it years ago. Had it recently resurfaced or had it been around for awhile and I just was too busy to notice its presence? Those questions didn’t really matter, I guess, but I knew I needed to again dispose of it. […]

When You Feel Like You’re One Big Mess Up 9

One big mess up. A failure. A mistake. Because of your actions do you ever felt like any of these? If you’re human (and I assume we all are), I’m guessing we all have. I felt like a big mess up not so long ago. I didn’t love well. In fact, I displayed the opposite […]

Stories Of Trinkets & Treasure, Garbage & Goodness 7

I tend to reference often that each of us have a story. Stories are powerful. They are impactful, and the story of your life is significant. You many not think yours is worth anything, but truly, it’s priceless. The experiences, lessons, and circumstances you’ve walked through have influenced and shaped who you are today. Your […]