She’s a woman who’s blessed.

She’s one who can look back and see those who’ve impacted her life.

She looks to her right and to her left, and she’s grateful for those who are journeying beside her.

She’s confident the future will be okay. They’ll be with her.

She’s a woman like me. One who is thankful for her friends.

And knows God has blessed her because of them.

Those past friends who helped make me who I am today, and those present, who I get to do life with. Some have been both, and let me tell you I love them all so.

Those chose to be that friendThey chose to be that friend. That friend one who loved me through the mounds of junk. The one who never gave up on me. Who stood by me in both the mountain top moments and laid-low valleys. Who encouraged me along the way. Who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

May I be that friend today, too. May we all be.

–Instead of getting jealous of someone’s new house, let’s be that friend who shows up with a pan of brownies and helps decorate the massive amount of open wall space.

–Instead of allowing envy to sneak in when a friend lands your dream job, let’s be that friend who sends flowers to her on her first day.

–When a friend’s relative has passed away, let’s be that friend who stays in support through the entire visitation or funeral, even when it’s inconvenient.

–When you find a friend just isn’t herself, be that friend who extends grace… and a cup of coffee.

–When time is short, yet your friend wants to talk, be that friend who listens intently anyway.

–When your feelings were hurt, yet no apology was offered, be that friend who forgives… and forgets.

–When your friend needs a break from motherhood, be that friend who doesn’t just encourage, but who steps in as a “relief pitcher,” to give her the afternoon off.

–When a friend’s week has been stressful and overwhelming, be that friend who shoots her a text saying, “I believe in you. You’re incredible.”

–When she doubts herself as a mom, a wife, a woman, be that friend who comes alongside of her with words of encouragement and your hand in hers.

The opportunities are endless, aren’t they?

What are some ways you can be that friend? I’d love to read your ideas below.

Then let’s go out there, and be that friend. Be that friend to those who need us to be.

God bless you!



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