The words of a particular recent conversation continue to ring in my mind. They were everything but authentic.

authentic :: not false or copied; genuine; real; sincere; true; original; legitimate

As I listened beneath the words, I heard what the words weren’t saying.

The words were of success and personal accomplishments, but I heard the demand to strive and prove oneself. The words were prideful and a bit boastful, but I heard loneliness and seeking acceptance. The words were putting others down. But I heard the disheartening attempts to feel better about oneself.

It was evident this one was hiding the real person whom God created him/her to be, and was saying all the “right” words, and doing all the “right” things to gain attention.

But I knew there was more. I left the conversation feeling unattached and a bit sorrowful for this acquaintance. And I sadly realized we’d never be able to be good friends until we could have a real and authentic relationship.

I’ve come to realize authentic relationships are a beautiful gift.

Authentic relationshipsWhen I think of this kind of authenticity, I think of the words in the definition above, but what also comes to mind is so much more…

–The freedom to be who you are with another, without sugar-coating words, without having to impress.

–The blessing of letting your guard down to allow feelings and emotions to come to the surface.

–The bravery it takes to allow someone else to see the real you.

–The joy that is found in embracing who you were created to be and allowing others that same gift.

–The intimacy a relationship can experience because two have agreed to be real with one another.

–The desire for each relationship to have such an understanding.

I find I hang out more with those whom I share this real, authentic relationship with. I desire to be with them because of how I feel when I’m in their presence. I can be open, honest, true. And I can be me.

I only wish I had more of these kinds of authentic relationships in my life.

I fully understand I will never get to experience this kind of authenticity with all people. But that doesn’t stop me from desiring that. I can continue to be the appropriate, real me in my conversations, in my writing, in public, in social media. Some might think I share too much. Some could think I’m not perfect enough or special enough to be their friend. Some might even believe I’m plumb crazy.

But God doesn’t call us to have perfect lives. He doesn’t call us to hide our lives, or our stories. He doesn’t want you or me to be anyone else but who He’s created us to be.

So why not share who we are?? Why not be authentic??

Love others well, and don’t hide behind a mask; love authentically. Romans 12:9 VOICE

You and I have the freedom to be who God created us to be. Imperfect. Real. Unique. Authentic. And only when we are will we be able to love others how God calls us to.

Can you and I be authentic with one another?? How can we live in authenticity this very day? 

Much love to you today,




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